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My moment of tumblr fame

hi bailey



My moment of tumblr fame

hi bailey

Horrible realization about men creepshots gave me that actually has me in tears


It’s not about sex - they have porn, they have as much fucking porn as they could possibly ask for

they have billboards and ads and primetime tv shows and hollywood movies and websites free videos magazines they have porn channels porn movies with sexy images of women

they have girls on websites who are paid to webcam with them

there are girls who post sexy pics of themselves online for them

none of this is enough, none of this is, at the bottom of it all, what they want

creepshots specifically says this isn’t enough - they don’t want pics of girls knowingly posing (i.e. giving consent)

they want to violate, they want to rape, they want to own every woman walking down the fucking street

they want your teenager daughter, they want your mom, they want you

when you don’t know it, when you can’t say no, when you’re on the bus, when you’re walking down the street, when you’re at the beach

they get off on your violation, they want more proof that women exist for them and them alone

it’s sexy because it’s embarrassing, humiliating; they say it themselves

this is rape culture in its purest form

because women saying yes on screen, women saying yes to their faces, saying yes on their computers, on their phones is not what they want

that’s not “hot” enough

what’s hot is violating your consent, what’s hot is demeaning you, what’s hot is owning a piece of you against your will

and they won’t stop until we are all pornography

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Frida Kahlo on a boat in Xochimilco, one of The Coolest Places in Mexico City, 1936, photo by Fritz Henle

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i want to burst into tears
i want to be noticed
i want to cuddle
i want to pass out
i want to scream in frustration
i want to be ignored
i’m scared
i’m tired